Get the most out of your Sonos Roam portable Bluetooth/Wi-Fi speaker.

Roam merges Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, and Sonos whole-house audio into one easy to carry mini speaker.

Check out my guide below to the Sonos Roam hidden features or visit www.DoItForMe.Solutions for more Smart Home tips and information.

Playback controls

Press Play/Pause to play or pause

Double press Play/Pause to skip to the next track

Triple press Play/Pause to play the previous track

Volume control

Press + or — for small adjustments

Press & hold + or — to quickly change the volume

Add Amazon Alexa or Google Voice assistant

From Settings tab, select Services & Voice

Under Voice, tap…

HomePod is a great HomeKit Hub and BLE repeater

The Bluetooth Conundrum

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) smart home devices can make outfitting your smart home easier.

BLE is low power, so a small battery can power wireless motion detectors, door or window sensors, water leak detectors, temperature probes, air quality monitors, physical buttons or dimmers, and many other convenient devices for a long time.

They may not be as sexy or headline grabbing as security cameras, smart locks, and smart lighting, but these “you want fries with that” accessories for home automation are the backbone of many working systems.

Sensors put the “smart” into smart home. Truly automated actions…

If you haven’t noticed, we are in a transition period with mainstream TV technology moving from high definition to ultra high definition and even creeping towards 8K.

A quick history of TV formats in the United States

The easiest way to categorize the different models available is by the image resolution displayed on the screen.

Traditional analog broadcast TV had 525 lines of resolution and is the baseline everything else is compared with.

High Definition Digital TV has 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. This is typically called HD or 1K television.

The new Ultra HD (or 4K) TV’s feature 3840…

The Challenge With Big Lighting Systems

Having recently completed a major project for a client (installing a lighting automation system with a large number of dimmers and switches), I was confronted with figuring out an optimal configuration for voice control options.

Sure it’s exciting to work on a large multi-room installation but when you get into a system of this size, there are a lot of things that you can’t ignore or sweep under the rug.

There’s several key “lessons learned” and tips from different aspects of this particular installation, but I want to focus on voice control — it’s…

I was wrong? Or was I?

I jusr ran into a situation that caused me to re-think a strongly held position. I’m usually an easy-going type of person, but once in a while, a few things really bother

As a consumer, and later as a product manager / marketing manager at several high tech companies, I have always had the customer’s interest at heart.

Now, as a smart home systems integrator, I am still very upset when I see shady business practices or questionable sales tactics focused on profit (and greed).

Selling grossly over-priced accessories, especially HDMI cables, has…

Is Your Home Wiring A Disaster Waiting To Happen?
A few weeks ago I discovered a serious problem that may affects hundreds, thousands, or possibly hundreds of thousands of homes. You may or may not be affected.

If you have an old home, live in an apartment, or don’t have Ethernet wiring already installed in your home, this probably doesn’t affect you — but keep reading if you want to be amused or surprised.

The dictionary defines apocalypse as “The complete final destruction of the world”, so, okay, I know I’m exaggerating a little bit, but this is really one…

“In Any Moment Of Decision, The Worst Thing You can Do Is Nothing”

Theodore Roosevelt was on the right track. Today we call it analysis paralysis.

It may not be the most critical part of my smart home, but choosing the right video doorbell has been one of the more difficult decisions for me.

There are several good products and many many other ones to choose from. The challenge for me has been finding the product that meets all of my criteria 100 per cent.

In a previous newsletter about smart home upgrades called Out With The Old; In With…

Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?
With apologies to Rod Stewart, this time I am not writing about cool new gadgets or control systems. I’m going back to basics to describe one of the most common smart home projects.

This solves a real problem and is easy to implement. A great starter DIY first project or a nice add-on to your existing home automation.

What is a 3-Way Light?
By definition, a 3-way light, is where you have more than one switch controlling a light. …

Spring has Spring!
Now that we have swung full speed into Spring, it’s time to plan for re-planting the smart home garden of controllers, devices, and appliances.

Every Spring I take an inventory of where things stand, what needs to be fixed or changed, and what I would like to do.

It’s not necessary to change your home automation equipment frequently, but once a year it is worth a look.

Technology improves, prices change (usually downward), and new capabilities that were not even a glimmer in your eye become feasible.

You don’t have to wait for an actual sale to…

DIY or Pro Integration?
As your smart home continues to grow, it can reach the point where you may feel like you are losing instead of gaining control. That simple home automation project to turn a few lights on or off at your command has morphed into a multi-room confusing system.

Perhaps you have taken advantage of the incremental, step-by-step benefits of DIY evening or weekend projects. Maybe your budget has limited your purchases to individual or small sets of devices that work well alone but not together.

Don’t be alarmed or upset; it is very common for a system…


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